SQL Server 2022 LocalDB Download

TLDR: here is the URL to download the English (en-US) MSI installer for SQL Server 2022 LocalDb:

For (my) future reference: here’s how I found it

  • Download the SQL Server 2022 Express Installer SQL2022-SSEI-Expr.exe from the the SQL Server downloads page.
  • Open it in ILSpy.
  • Save the Microsoft.Sql.Installer.UI.Externals.InstallerEngine.dll embedded resource to a new file.
  • Open this file in ILSpy also and locate the Manifest_Media_Express_en-US.xml embedded resource, in which you will find a reference to SqlLocalDB.msi, which combined with the DownloadRoot URL just above it gives you the required location.

If you want the installer for other languages (e.g. German (de-DE), Spanish (es-ES)) then look in the Manifest_Media_Express XML file for that language.

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