Fixing WebSVN “Unable to call svn command” error

WebSVN is a great PHP web-based interface to Subversion that we run on our IIS build server. But, after updating to a more recent build we started getting errors like the following when viewing diffs:

Unable to call svn command "svn --non-interactive --config-dir /tmp"

The source of the error is in the getFileContents function in svnlook.php, where it’s piping the output of svn cat to GNU Enscript (for syntax highlighting) and then parsing the output of that using sed. I guessed that maybe the regex that sed is using isn’t being escaped properly for the Windows command line and therefore failing.

But I noticed that all of this code was in an if($config->useEnscript) block. Just before that is an if($config->useGeshi) block that looks a lot simpler. Simpler because GeSHi is PHP-based syntax highlighter, rather than an external command whose output requires special parsing. So I went to our include/config.php and added the $config->useGeshi(); call (as detailed in the distconfig.php template config file), and it all started working happily again!

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