Cisco home page FAIL

UPDATE: it’s over 2 hours later now and they’ve finally fixed it 🙂

Cisco’s home page this morning: looks like they ran out of their allocation of lowercase letter ‘t’ (thanks to Chris Venus for pointing it out):


Or was it “Speak Like an Irishman” day and nobody told me?

Lowercase ‘t’s were being stripped from the source which explains why there were no styles, etc:


Chris reckons it’s a possibly a whitespace-trimming RegEx gone wrong, WDYT?

44 thoughts on “Cisco home page FAIL

  1. Personally, I just think that the internets in their ‘t’ tube got clogged. I hear they have one for each letter of the alphabet.


  2. Absoluely brillian! Wha will happen if they run ou of the leer ‘e’?

    hy will b in ral roubl whn ha happns. h si will b complly down e ub!

  3. Oops, I made a mistake in the last line:

    Absoluely brillian! Wha will happen if they run ou of the leer ‘e’?

    hy will b in ral roubl whn ha happns. h si will b complly down h ub!

  4. ha’s he mos funnies shi ha I ha ever seen! Maybe while hey are working on i, hey can fix some of he issues ha have been plaguing heir oher producs.

  5. I’ve lived in Ireland for 3 years now and I’ve never heard anyone talk like that, but whatever floats your boat limey.

  6. Clearly the credit crises is even hitting large companies like Cisco, who usually reverse the trends of other IT companies on the stick market. The t’s are the first to go, and then the dots of the i’s. If this continues for much longer, we may need to actually change our language.

  7. nice one!!! this is why i love regexes!!!

    one thing i noticed is that there’s no place where there should have been an uppercase T on the page…so i can’t figure if he did a /ig or just a /g 😀

  8. I used to work for Cisco at their San Jose, CA campus as a software engineer. Well, what should I say.. No surprise for me at all. I think only 10% of Cisco population is really doing something valuable. The other 90% are useless managers, managers of managers managing the big groups of indian programmers on H1B visa who are doing nothing valuable but keep themselves employed. I’ve seen groups of 20-40 developers who are 100% indian. I do not have anything against indian engineers, but such Cisco unspoke policy shows some employment preferences.

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