Visual Studio 2008 introduced a document switcher window that pops up when you do a CTRL+TAB. Nice idea, inspired by ALT+TAB application switching  but I find that the little previews it shows you are pretty useless. One code window looks like pretty much any other at that resolution. I prefer the previous behaviour of just immediately switching windows.

Sara Ford's excellent series of Visual Studio tips prompted me to restore CTRL+TAB's previous behaviour. You can do this by using the Keyboard binding page in Tools Options. In Tools > Options > Keyboard locate Window.NextDocumentWindowNav and remove the CTRL+TAB binding, then go to Window.NextDocumentWindow and assign CTRL+TAB there instead. Same drill for CTRL+SHIFT+TAB for Window.PreviousDocumentWindowNav and Window.PreviousDocumentWindow.


Comment by Kit Sunde

Thanks for the info, that was bothering me too. :)

Kit Sunde
Comment by sdfas

PERFECT!! I have now perfect control over my opened tabs!! :-) Thanks

Comment by sdfas

MEGAPERFECT!! I completed ctrl+tab behaviour with
ctrl+right and ctrl+left keys for Window.NextDocumentWellTab)
Now I can switch to previous/next visited tab AND see tabs at the left/right.... :-)

Comment by dotsmart

thanks, worked, for me Ctrl+Tab was a crash actually, but now it is gone :-)